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23 Arun Kemer Amega Global CEO explaining zero point energy!
May 07, 2012 12:39 PM PDT
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SuperSaturday May 5, 2012

Arun Kemer, CEO of Amega Global
explaining Zero Point Energy.

We are a global market with many
stories of benefits for health
and wellthy opportunities with
Amega Global tools.

Moneca Yardley, RST
Amega Global Diamond
Business Associate:

22 arun kemer amega global proprietary property
May 07, 2012 11:39 AM PDT
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SuperSaturday May 5, 2012

Arun Kemer, CEO of Amega Global
explaining the business model and
manufacture process of Zero Point.

We are a global market with many
stories of benefits for health
and wellthy opportunities.

Moneca Yardley, RST
Amega Global Diamond
Business Associate:

21 Amega Global CEO Arun Kemer sharing some of his business sense.
May 06, 2012 06:11 PM PDT
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When i first joined Amega Global, i had no idea what zero point field was and how to do network marketing. i had always wanted to share a product and leverage my time, working this business system that i had seen work for blue green algae, vitamins, water filters. i had see other people succeed in doing the business model so i have trust that one day i would find a product line that i could promote through this medium.

in 2010, i found after two days with a tool called the amega wand that i had found a company that i knew as having the source of healing energy. Amega Global was created by some people who were lead by Mr Arun Kemer of Singapore. i mentioned then, that i had found a company where one day i would make enough of a name for myself that i would sit down and talk to the leaders that thought this one up.

may 5, 2012...i did. i want you to have a listen to the voice of Arun Kemer, as well as being a successful businessman, he once was called the tony robbins of asia. he is a magnetic force.

thank you mr arun for showing up to inspire us to share zero point with the world.
moneca yardley,
amega global diamond business associate

20 Vancouver Tibet Kitchen
April 30, 2012 08:30 AM PDT
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warning: this one is 90 mins. i will edit
into smaller bits today!

this week has been full of Tibet for me.
Thursday,was in this fabulous restaurant
in Vancouver, called the Vancouver Tibet
kitchen. the owner norbu, the jewel, was
charming. full of grace and the food was
at the end he told me the story of 29 people
burning themselves in Tibet this year, to bring
attention to the elimination of their culture.

it was sad, what to do.
saturday, with my chanting class. moslem,
hindu, sanskrit and tibetan. vibrational
sound therapy for the soul. let us all chant
'we are one'... as i breath, so do you. all
the same air, all the same water.

peace is remembering all there is love.
norbu, surya says hi!!! you have her chant cd.

19 enchantment with suryadevi.com
April 15, 2012 05:34 PM PDT
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the enCHANTment http://suryadevi.com/ has been my close personal friend for about 4 years. we came together to be of assistance to our friend Gaia and as a team have been helping gaia to her destiny as the raw goddess that she is. it has been divined that we are on the path that we are all on and for me it has been a blessing to be of service.
2012 has been one of knowing vibrational medicine and activation so it was no surprise that when surya told me that she was teaching sanskrit chanting and mantras, that i would be part of the group. recently in maui, i was drawn to the uke as the instrument to learn for the size of the instrument and for the vibrational quality of the sound. can you see me strumming my way to the beach with my kids and the dog...uke strapped to my back as i glow in the sunshine.
blessings to you all and i hope that you will be participating with me on my businesses to get me to that goal of yoga and energy medicine studies.

www.lifewave.com/693351 ( emf shield for iphone and energy patches )
www.myamegalife.com/back2source ( switch on glutithione energy drink )
www.rapidtimenetworks.com (parent name to enroll is moneca)
www.empowernetwork.com/moneca ( blogging platform $25 per month )

18 Courtney Smith and David Sharpe...WOW!
January 10, 2012 08:47 PM PST
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This weekend i was in los angeles attending
Freedom Trader with peak potentials and it
was overwhelming the information that Courtney
Smith was teaching us. It is alway a learning
curve...'do the hard things and life will be
easy, do the easy thing and life will be hard.'

it is so good to learn from David Sharpe of the
Empower Network...he made me cry on his training
call last night and that was when i knew that
he had touched my heart. That is a very power
full communicator...he has my loyalty, that is
for sure...thank you mr. sharpe for your info!!!
For more info go to: www.empowernetwork/moneca

17 self awareness into love
January 04, 2012 05:17 PM PST
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communicating to your body, www.shadowyoga.com. love Depak Choprah Quantum Healing.  describing the sanskit as a sound commandment to the body. labeling the body to heal. breathing with the face, receiving energy through the pineal, pituitary and hypothalmus to energize the endocrine system.  how the blood is designed...alkaline solutions.

please have a look at blogging with www.empowernetwork.com/moneca marketing in the internet depends on you blogging. i would not even have a website anymore. For $25, you can start the process and connect with others to learn as a community!!!

16 meditation mary-jo microcosmic orbit
December 30, 2011 12:48 PM PST
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Vipassana Meditation (http://www.events.dhamma.org/) was a big part of my training and i am so grateful for learning this piece of peace. another thing that i am grateful for is my friendship with www.mary-jo.com and the intelligent information that i glean from her every time i see her!!! as well i am working on my belly button framework and i think you are going to love the routine that i am going to give to you to try out in your own bed, every morning...endocrine engage!!! Micro cosmic orbit is the work of mr. mantak chia...http://www.universal-tao.com/

www.empowernetwork.com/moneca is my newest business venture, please have a look at the platform and call me if you are interested!!! thanks moneca.

15 cold and flu, with a little Gary Zukav.
December 21, 2011 08:07 PM PST
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Sam Crowley asked our pod class to bring some suggestions of how to handle flu and cold season. I offer my version to you. it is just another way to see how we manifest our dis 'ease' of living and somedays it is the body asking us to get off the merry go round before we get sick.
i also threw in a reading from Gary Zukav's book, " the dancing wu li masters ", about scientists and technicians. learn what you want to learn.

14 maui hawaii david and dolphins
December 05, 2011 05:53 PM PST
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Sitting in the sun as David who is a dolphin tour guide and extremely talented painter explains playing until it becomes perfect, how to say aloha and tells me where the dolphins gather on maui, at la perouse bay. It is an idyllic day in the sunshine and I was grateful to have time to soak up some hawaiian sun. aloha nui loa, A hui hou! till we meet again.
blog and make money, go to: www.empowernetwork.com/moneca

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